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Aim & Objective of  R.M.C

  1. The Market committee is meant for the benefit of the agriculturists who are residing within the area of operation of the market committee.
  2. The Market committee establishes markets in the market area and regulate the purchase and sale of notified agricultural commodities in accordance with the provisions of the Orissa Agricultural Produe Market Act-1956 and Rules framed there under.
  3. The Market committee helps to eradicate the unfair means adopted by the traders in course of their trasactions with the agricultural producers and ensure fair dealings in the markets.

Area Of Operation

The area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara includes the entire Kendrapara Revenue District except Rajkanika Block vide Govt. of Odisha in Agriculture and Co-operation Department Notification No.23421/AC( C )/dt:22-12-1987. The following Blocks are now under the area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara.

Kendrapara Derabish Marshaghai Mahakalpada
Gardapur Pattamundai Aul Rajanagar

However the Director of Agricultural Marketing, Odisha, Bhubaneswar has been requested to include Rajkanika Block  under the area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara  vide this office Letter No.309/dt:09-05-2011 and Letter No.85/dt:20-12-2011.


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