Market Yards

Declaration of Main Marklet Yard:-


The R.M.C.Kendrapara have purchased Ac.5.07 dec. of Private land at Jamadhar near by Cuttack – Chandabali Road at a cost of Rs.1,56,645/- for establishment of Main Market Yard. As per Notification No.3891/dt:23-08-1989, the same area has been declared as Main Market Yard, Jamadhar.The R.M.C. has also purchased Govt. land measuring Ac.2.00dec.adjacent to this land during the year 1992-93. The office of the R.M.C.Kendrapara is functioning at this Main Market Yard, Jamadhar since 1996.

The Construction of (1) Approach road, (2) Internal road, (3) Secretary’s Qrs.,(4) Staff Qrs.,(5) Office Building, (6) R.C.C. covered pindi, (7) Compound wall, and (8) Small Godowns have been completed.

The R.M.C.Kendrapara is selected for Construction of New Cold Storage at Main Market Yard, Jamadhar for benefit of the farmers.


Taken over the Management of the rural markets:


So far the Regulated Market Committee, Kendrapara has already taken over the control and management of 06(six) nos. rural bi-weekly markets out of 26nos. rural markets, from concerned G.P.and N.A.C. within the area of operation of the market committee as per Order of the Collector & District Magistrate, Cuttack. The name of the rural G.P. Markets and date of taken over of the markets are detailed below.

Pattamundai Hat 01-06-1988
Chandol Hat 01-05-1989
Chhata Hat 01-05-1989
Marshaghai Hat 01-09-1989
Indupur Hat 01-11-1989
Rajnagar Hat 01-04-1993

Further Chhata hat has been declared as the Krushak Bazar. The Government in Revenue Department has alienated Govt. land measuring Ac.3.00dec. adjacent to Chhata Hat, in favour of the Director of Agricultural Marketing, Odisha, Bhubaneswar for extension of the same Krushak Bazr at Chhata.

Besides this, the market committee has already started functioning its own bi-weekly market at Gopa, near Express Highway during the year 1994-95.

The R.M.C.Kendrapara have taken steps for establishment new market yard in the uncovered area under Mahakalpada, Aul, Garadpur and Rajkanika Blocks.

Ammenities provided to the Market Yards:


So far, the R.M.C. has provided ammenities lke 1-Open pindies, 2-Covered pindies, 3-Market sheds, 4-Sundry shops, 5-Small Godowns, 6-Drinking water and 7-Electric light facilities for the benefit of the farmers and hat users in the above markets.

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